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Custom Deck Options

Composite Decks

Trex and Timbertech are two favourite brands for composite decking. Composite decking is simply gorgeous, requires minimal maintenance, does not need to be stained, will never rot, and comes with warranties up to 25 years! Composite decking can be made of up to 95% recycled materials – so you can feel good about your decision to upgrade to composite.

Vinyl Decks

Vinyl decks are a great option if you need dry space below. These decks look wonderful, require little maintenance, and are reasonably priced.

Concrete Patios

Concrete patios are very low maintenance and cost effective. They are a suitable option for ground level patios. There are a variety of finishes and colours available.

Wood Decking

Decks made of Cedar or pressure treated Hemlock are a classic. They will never go out of style. They look beautiful, last a long time with proper maintenance, and offer great value.

Polyurethane Decks

Polyurethane decking is a newer technology. They are seamless, unlike vinyl, and look beautiful. They offer the ultimate durability, require little maintenance, keep the area below dry, and are not slippery.


Whichever type of deck you go with, keep in mind that we are a full service contractor and offer many upgrades: